Therapy 101

Regardless of what therapy model you choose to work with, your first priority will be to establish specific therapeutic goals that identify what you want to accomplish from our work together. Please know that your relationship with your therapist is private and confidential, enabling you to disclose whatever you believe is necessary in order for me to help you resolve your problem. Something that clients don’t always consider is how your therapy is conducted. The therapeutic process, or how you share your thoughts, feelings and experiences, is considered to be just as important as any specific issue or concern you share in therapy. A positive therapy experience is supported by a good connection to your therapist. When therapy goes well and is progressively healing, your relationship with your therapist will be supportive, comfortable and safe. You will experience being listened to and supported, all the while moving ever closer to resolving your problem.

Different types of therapy emphasize unique approaches to solving a particular problem. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Some therapy approaches emphasize cognitive solutions while others focus on emotional healing or working with the subconscious mind. Letting go of old psychotoxic trauma literally changes peoples’ lives. Healing really does involve more than just cognitive insight about a problem, although awareness is very important. Talking things out is often essential, but sometimes there is a need to get to the root of a problem in order to identify underlying traumatic residue that are responsible for present day symptoms such as persistent anxiety, lack of mental clarity or compulsive behaviors such as compulsive over eating, to name a few. The type of therapy selected and used will be tailored to what suits you best so you can feel comfortable confronting your problem, even if there may be occasional resistance or feelings of vulnerability. If that ever happens, we pause and discuss what is coming up for you so you feel comfortable and safe continuing to proceed.