PTSD and Trauma

While trauma is a fact of life, most people overcome the immediate effects of an overwhelming life experience. Traumas can be as simple as crashing your bike into the curb and hurting your knee to witnessing someone else get into a car accident and be taken away in an ambulance. Other types of trauma include having been sexually or physically abused or feeling alone and bereaved after someone you love dies (even a pet). There is a wide spectrum of trauma and everyone is affected differently. In fact less than ten percent of people suffering the effects of trauma end up with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). PTSD is diagnosed when the after effects of trauma linger for longer than six months. There are many possible symptoms of PTSD among them physical issues such as irritable bowl syndrome and migraine headaches to flashbacks of the traumatic events and dissociation (feeling that you are out of your body), alcohol and drug addiction, out of proportion outbreaks of anger or even feeling dead inside, unable to feel any emotion at all. PTSD affects all aspects of a person’s life and if left untreated will persist indefinitely. While medication is often useful for helping to create emotional stabilization and reducing the intensity of the symptoms, identifying the underlying traumatic residue and releasing it can often resolve the persistence and intensity of the disturbing symptoms. There is of course a difference in the approach of treatment depending on whether the underlying cause was a single event (such as a personal loss), or something that went on for months or years, such as continual molestation or serving a tour of duty in the armed forces. Addressing anxiety and PTSD is one of my specialties so feel free to call me to discuss treatment options.
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