Psychotoxic Contamination

Some people are naturally more sensitive and empathic than others. If you are unaware of your tendency to be empathic then that means that you likely pick up the vibes and feelings of others unknowingly. This can happen in a family setting, work or social setting. If other people are sad, angry or simply negative you may be absorbing their energy right into your body. Research has shown that feelings are infectious, particularly for highly sensitive people. If you tend to be empathic and know what others are feeling it is quite possible that you are absorbing psychotoxic contamination from others. This can accumulate over time causing a host of problems, including headaches, fatigue, insomnia and other physical symptoms. This is ultimately caused by inadequate interpersonal boundaries and tends to generate codependent relationships. Additionally, highly sensitive people sometimes tend to diminish themselves saying they really are not that sensitive which only makes matters worse. You can learn how to establish healthy boundaries with others but it takes some practice. Ultimately this becomes self-empowering with more satisfying and healthy personal relationships. It can also prevent the symptoms caused by psychotoxic contamination. If this speaks to you, call me at 503-370-4546 or Contact Me Online to discuss this and set up an appointment.

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