How Does Psychotherapy Work?

psychotherapyAlthough psychotherapy comes in many forms and varieties, its general goal is to resolve mental and emotional issues and help clients move toward more productive, psychologically healthy lives. In general, contemporary psychotherapy is a personal process of deeply listening to, learning from, and gaining understanding of various parts of ourselves that are responsible for perpetuating the habituated thoughts and behaviors that go against what we desire for ourselves. Becoming conscious of one’s inner world and unconscious motivations that create these inner conflicts enable the changes to occur so a person can heal, grow and achieve their goals.

Therapists sometimes use a single treatment approach while others, like myself, combine several methods. A therapist’s individual training and years of experience strongly influences the way in which he or she interacts with clients and the treatment methods he or she chooses. These treatment approaches are called modalities. As an example, some of the psychotherapeutic modalities I use include cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic insight, hypnosis and imagery, relationship and marriage counseling , mindfulness, process-oriented and a newer modality called EFT that recruits your essential energy system.