Many people tend to fall prey to feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. In fact, one in ten Americans reports feeling depressed in a recent national survey. Depressed mood can be caused by many factors including unemployment or underemployment (struggling to pay the bills); personal losses including housing, job and relationships; overwhelm with responsibilities including trying to juggle one’s job, parenting and adequate self-care; feeling lonely, sad and inadequate for no particular reason; even having thoughts of suicide from feeling lack of personal fulfillment in one’s life. Some people report mild depression while others can end up feeling paralyzed in their life. While antidepressants can be helpful at lifting one’s mood, most researchers agree that talking to a therapist either with or without medication is the best therapeutic approach. In this context, you can be listened to without judgment paving the way for new insights to emerge as you examine your problems with new light. This often leads to collaborative problem solving that can energize you to consider doing something differently and in a way you hadn’t considered before. Sometimes it is just hard trying to sort out the many swirling thoughts all by yourself that can be perpetuating the depressed mood. Consider making an appointment to help yourself move out of feeling stuck. Working together to accomplish specific therapeutic goals can be very liberating.
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