Compulsive Overeating

Compulsive overeating is a habitual response to stress that can generate substantial health problems for any individual who uses food as a coping mechanism. This is at once a bad habit for dealing with stress and a symptom of underlying unresolved trauma or abuse. There are countless methods advertised for weight loss and compulsive overeating. Most of these methods are behavioral, such as Weight Watchers that can be very effective. But to stay effective, one must maintain the new and healthy eating habits. I provide an array of therapeutic approaches that are extremely helpful to control and resolve this problem but like many bad habits, one must commit to a therapeutic goal and stick with it until the goal is realized. Sometimes it emerges that one must consider changing a job or bringing in a partner for couple counseling. Sometimes it is the result old trauma and limiting beliefs. Whatever approach you take, please know that habits can be changed for the better with clarity of thought and conscious determination.

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