Change and Your Subconscious Mind

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hypnosisAre you familiar with the placebo effect? This is when patients are given sugar pills by their doctors and told that it is an antidepressant pill (for example). More often than not, the individual’s depression dissipates completely. Why does this happen?  Because the person believed that it would work. This is a remarkable example of the deeper healing part of us, the subconscious mind.

Many healers and therapists recognize that there are actually two minds in us, the subconscious and the conscious, and the subconscious mind runs the operating system of our life most of the time.  When undesirable symptoms occur, whether it is ill health conditions or behaviors that become problematic, it is critical to change the subconscious response pattern. How is this accomplished?

A major stumbling block is that we can’t change the subconscious by reasoning things out.  The subconscious mind is like an automated operating system that runs most of our hardware and thinking, so we need to learn how to reprogram it.  Most of the time it’s runs very efficiently, but occasionally there are glitches that we recognize as habitual responses that run counter to our conscious intentions. When this happens it is time to problem solve and get to the root of the problem so it can be modified–essentially reprogrammed.

There are effective methods to reprogram the subconscious mind, including EFT (an energy-based approach) and hypnosis. Change doesn’t have to be a struggle. You just have to know what you want and ask for some assistance.

Posted on July 10, 2013

Howard Brockman, LCSW

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Howard Brockman, LCSW is one of the top psychotherapists and counselors in Salem Oregon for over 32 years. Howard has authored two popular books: Dynamic Energetic Healing and Essential Self-Care for Caregivers and Helpers. To learn more about Howard Brockman, please visit the full bio.

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