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Dynamic Energetic Healing Book by Howard Brockman, LCSW

Dynamic Energetic Healing®

It’s no secret that millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, and widespread PTSD. DEH™ is a unique energy-based psychotherapy model.

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While pharmaceutical companies get rich, and talk therapy rehashes old trauma, Dynamic Energetic Healing® provides a powerful alternative approach that gets right down to the energetic roots.

WHAT IS Dynamic Energetic Healing®? Dynamic Energetic Healing® is an innovative therapy alternative for people frustrated with the over-prescription of anti-depressants and countless hours of talk therapy, combining contemporary psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom.

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Essential Self Care Book by Howard Brockman, LCSW

Essential Self-Care for Caregivers

The new book by Howard Brockman LCSW, DCEP, entitled Essential Self-Care for Caregivers and Helpers: Preserve Your Health, Maintain Your Well-Being and Create Effective Boundaries

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Sample the first two chapters of Howard Brockman’s new book, Essential Self-Care for Caregivers. This is a FREE eBook you can download right now!

Hazards and challenges to helping
Since all emotions are contagious, caregivers are at risk of becoming infected by the suffering or the emotional pain of the person they’re close to or attending to frequently. We “catch” other people’s emotional energy in a way that’s similar to how we catch their cold germs. A meaningful question is why?

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