Energy-Based Therapies

These therapeutic approaches utilize and direct the body’s own vital energy in order to facilitate rapid changes in the mind-body matrix. A popular and effective energy psychology intervention is called EFT, short for emotional freedom techniques. This is a wonderful example of recruiting the body’s essential energy system through lightly tapping on the endpoints of the fourteen major acupuncture meridians while just thinking about the particular mental or emotional disturbance that is bothering you. In essence, this is often referred to as needless acupuncture. In acupuncture, each energy meridian is directly related to one or more specific emotions. The theory is that when one or more of our energy meridians are out of balance, the associated emotions are also out of balance. Tapping on the endpoints of the major meridians rebalances the flow of the vital energy in the meridians and as a consequence, the emotions related to those meridians also come back into balance. Clients frequently notice feeling more peaceful and calm as emotional balancing rapidly occurs. There is a great deal of research currently being done with EFT and other energy-based therapies for determining their effectiveness with PTSD and other anxiety-based disturbances. I will be happy to introduce you to EFT and other energy-based therapies if you are interested. A wonderful benefit of learning EFT is that it is so easy to use that you leave the office with a powerful self-help tool that you can apply anytime you start to become stressed out. Clients find this to be very reassuring an empowering.

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