Behavioral Kinesiology

This therapeutic approach is derived from the discipline of Applied Kinesiology as developed by Dr. George Goodheart Jr. It involves testing the relative strength or weakness of your deltoid muscle when after asked a question, your arms are gently pushed on to determine if your living unconscious (i.e., your physical body), determines if the question is true or false. When the answer is true your arms will lock. When the answer is false, your arms will go weak and drop. This is a fascinating and extremely effective way to assess whether or not you are in harmony with your deepest inner wisdom as it is claimed that your body is a direct pipeline to your unconscious mind. A well-known phrase in the field of kinesiological muscle testing is that your body never lies. While this is immediately obvious to some people, others need to be reminded that we are an interconnected mind-body matrix. This is the basis for the medical specialty of psychoneuroimmunology that studies how our thinking directly impacts our physical body stress symptoms and the effects on our immune system. Behavioral kinesiology helps us to determine if we are carrying old limiting beliefs that are continually self-sabotaging. Examples of these might include, “I don’t deserve a loving relationship because I am unworthy or simply not OK.” Another example might be, “I will never get a high paying job because my father always told me I am a failure and stupid.” Once identified through the muscle test, the self-sabotaging belief can be challenged and through various means, modified with a new supportive belief reprogrammed directly into your unconscious mind.


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